AMarkets hosts a meeting with IBs on Kish Island

30 Novembro 2021

We are pleased to share the highlights of AMarkets’ meeting with its Middle Eastern partners, held on Kish Island.

We are currently expanding the company’s presence in the Middle East. Meeting our partners in an informal atmosphere has been an excellent negotiation opportunity. In just 3 days, AMarkets representatives and our guests have had a chance to jump with a parachute, get their dose of adrenaline bungee jumping and discuss options for cooperation over dinner in a friendly atmosphere.

Our IBs fully realized a high potential and benefits of cooperation with AMarkets. They eagerly shared their vision and expressed their opinions and wishes on the future partnership and business development. By the end of the meeting, both parties found such format of the meeting very efficient in terms of building trust. It’s a great way to discuss business details and learn about the clients’ needs firsthand.

We in our turn will continue to improve our trading conditions and focus on developing fruitful terms of cooperation to attract even more clients and provide them with all the necessary tools to earn money trading in the financial markets.